Family -IONs Box (1x50ml + 1x300ml + 1x1000ml)

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Most of the National parks such as Water Falls or Mountains with natural jungle produce Negative IONs which make people visiting the environment feel Fresh and Energetic. Just too bad, most of us are NOT staying in those areas and for some can be difficult and costly to get to that ideal environment.

Great to offer good news, an Instantaneous Generation of Negative IONs product has been invented with National State board and SGS Tested and Approved. Allows us to create Negative IONs living environment for our self and family.

Negative IONs for Human body

  1. Improve Lung Function, Enhance Respiratory System, Enhance capability of Fluff.
  2. Make people Uplifting, Increase Imagination, Increase Alertness
  3. Improve Immunity, Enhance Resistivity
  4. Improve Myocardial Function, improve bodies metabolise, clean blood vessels
  5. Negative Oxygen IONs benefits people’s sleeping quality, spirit, and emotion
  6. Enhance Wound healing, High concertation of Negative Oxygen Ions improve self-repair of cells.
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Family -IONs Box (1x50ml +...

$1,570.32 $1,256.26


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