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Flora Computer Services was incorporated in 1985 at Singapore (ROB#:33993400W) and has been in operations since 1988 as Applications Software Developer specialize in Mobile Solutions. Flora initially provides Software customization development turn-key solutions for clients in Office/Production/Field Automation Systems. Learn from Customers in various industries Projects developed with the current Computer Technologies. Flora in-house developed a Standard System/Package for customize turn-key Solution known as FloraBEST (Bilingual Electronic System Tools), which includes Back-End FloraEMOS - Electronic Management Order System on Server/PC and Front-End FloraBRSS - Bilingual Route Sales System on Mobile Handheld Devices.

FloraBEST (Bilingual Electronic System Tools)

A Solution was developed with the Support from IDA under Innovation Development Scheme award in 1999. FloraBEST has been tested, proven and using in lives operations by SME and MNC on the markets for years. Flora series of Products certified by Microsoft Logo and given the following major awards and achievement recognitions:

  • IDA-IDS Software Development Grants in 1999 and 2001
  • Gold Awards 2003 in recognition of Invention by IPOS
  • Merit award from the Innovative Industrial Automation category in E-Global 2004
  • Microsoft Certified Partner 2005 to 2008
  • Merit Awards for the Best in Education & Training System on Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APITCA) competition in Thailand 2006
  • CEO-Match product/International Young CEO-Match Challenge IYCC event was reported on Singapore Chinese Channel 8/U TV News 2007.11.15 for 90 seconds

FloraEMOS (Electronic Management Order System)

The EMOS is an attractive and commercially viable form of Electronic Trading - a highly effective and affordable solution to all your daily order processing needs. It offers automated order processing that greatly reduces labour intensive tasks. It also provides fast, accurate and timely processing to your routine sales order transactions and most important, it reduces operational costs to give your business the vital competitive edge.

Companies in the manufacturing/distribution of products and any other businesses that perform routine order processing should use EMOS. It is specially designed for both small and large businesses. EMOS BackEnd System consists of different Control Systems that can be tailored for different business environment and requirement as follows:

Various Control Systems

  • Maintenance Control System
  • Order Entry System
  • Distribution Control System
  • Delivery Schedule Planning
  • Promotion Control System
  • Inventory Control System
  • Sales Analysis System
  • Others can be Customized

Promotion Control System (PCS)

This optional system allows very complex promotion to be created in the EMOS BackEnd System. It also provides control and automatic features for the Front-End operations. All Promotion Plan/Control Data Files will be Created and Maintained in our EMOS BackEnd System using Promotion Control System (PCS) at PC Level and will be downloaded to each Front-End Handheld Computer Bilingual Route Sales System (BRSS). The programs on our BRSS will provide Promotion/FOC Calculation or checking automatically using the criteria specified on PC. With the design and criteria given, our EMOS together with PCS & BRSS system is capable to handle the following type of promotions:-

  • ONE to NONE (Price Discount only without FOC item)
  • ONE to ONE (Buy A give B)
  • ONE to MANY items (Buy A gives B & C..)
  • GROUP to ONE (Buy any or combine items within the group and give B)
  • GROUP to MANY items (similar to the last one but gives B & C...)
  • GROUP to GROUP (Buy any or combine items within the Group and gives any or combine items within the same or different group)
  • GROUP to GROUP with Extra FOC (Buy any or combine items within the Group and gives any or combine items within the same or different group plus extra FOC not in the FOC Group)

With additional criteria given like Include or Exclude by Region, Territory and/or Outlet(s), each promotion created can be precisely given to the intended Customer(s) only. Such that, the salesman will see the offer appear on Handheld Order Taking Screen for entitled customer only during valid promotion period. As a result, human errors in taking order outside the promotion period, offer/discounted price given to customers who are not entitled will be totally eliminated.

FloraBRSS (Bilingual Route Sales System on Mobile Handheld Devices)

Given the opportunity to provide customization Handheld solutions for our Multi-National Company Customers in the past many years, we have learnt and provided many mobile solutions such as Car Park ticking, Survey, Stock Taking, Pre-Sales and Van/Cash Sales Systems. Systems that operated on OLD C/PM , to DOS (Disk Operating System) and now the latest Windows Mobile 6.5.3 operating system on Smart Devices. Today, we have a very powerful yet easy and ready to use Bilingual Route Sales System (BRSS) to computerize your front-end distribution operations. The BRSS is the outcome of numerous studies conducted and based on a body of knowledge accumulated over the years in the distributions industries by us. Following are some of the BRSS sample screens:-

Major Functions

  • Reports for Management can be done faster
  • Sales Process with real time checking and auto calculation
  • Stock Control on Van
  • Communications - Send data to your PC/existing Host Computer

Type of Transactions Capture

Item Code Function to Indicate Invoice Good Stock Balance
0 Sal Sales of Product + Value Reduce
1 Ret Return Good Product - Value Increase
2 Ex-F Exchange Good Product From No Value Increase
3 Ex-T Exchange Good Product To No Value Reduce
4 FOC Free Of Charge No Value Reduce
5 Samp Sampling No Value Reduce
6 Redm Redemption No Value Reduce
7 1 to 1 Market Return No Value Reduce
8 Prom Selling under Promotion + Value Reduce
9 XFOC Extra Free Product No Value Reduce
10 RetB Return Bad Product - Value No Change
11 Sur For Survey No Value No Change

FloraBEST Features at a Glance

Feature Description
Back-End Flora EMOS - Electronic Management Order System - Windows Server 2003/2008
Master Files Maintenance Control System - MMC Provide full control over the front end routes sales operation. easy and comprehensive management of Master Data such as Customers accounts, Items, Item Pricing, Sales Teams and Salesmen Daily Visit Schedule etc.
Order Entry System -OES Simple and efficient for users to do data entry. Maintains extensive transaction history, tracking orders and monitor sales volume.
Account Receivable System Easy customer account management and efficient tracking of sales information. determine the credit term of the customer
Inventory Control System Controlling Stock movement in/out of warehouse, provide Daily Stock Initial Load Planning for each van BRSS. Link to MAW auto stock issue/ receipt, shipment packing, stocktaking.
Marketing & Promotion Control Allows very complex promotions to be created for the Sales Operation. It’s fully integrated with BRSS. It automated features prevent any misuse or human error marketing promotions.
Picking & Delivery Scheduling Provide effective and efficient delivery management, track any undelivered invoices and reduce any late delivery due to human carelessness. Picking base on OES input.
Sales Analysis System A Business Intelligent tools for the management to analysis the sales and set direction of future operation. It turns sales data into information to determine market trend and adjust business strategic plan in time in a fast changing market place.
Routes Sales Support System A compulsory System in providing interaction of data between the EMOS and BRSS. It supports Multiple communications for concurrent upload/downloading of data.
Host Import & Export Integrate data from EMOS with other Computer Systems such as AS-400, Flexibility of grows of the backend to complex ERP system while maintenance the independent of the BEST.
Others backend functions Highly customized Functions Security Control System, commission calculation system or Payroll system to meet the Company need.
Front-End FloraBRSS – Bilingual Route Sales System - Microsoft Mobile 6 Professional
Order taking operation - OTO Basic module of the BRSS to operate the route sales system on the palm PC, Pocket PC.
Real time reporting - RTR Real Time Report to the field sales staff on sales done, stock balance, price etc for decision.
Cable & wireless communication Cable & wireless communication is an optional module for data transissionfrom the field to HQ through GSM handphone for speedy data update. Shorten the delivery cycle.
Market survey module Highly customised optional module to capture the market demand trend.
Payment collection program Another highly customised optional module to capture the payment details of customers.
Stock control system - SCS Optional module which integrated with OTO for the Van -sale (POS ). It is like an inventory control system of a warehouse – van. It keep track of the stock level in the van.
Benefit – BEST of Both worlds
Online/ off line Efficient off line sales order taking with accurate online checking
Pre/Van sales Capable of perform Pre/Van sales by the same staff.
BRSS/ Maw/ MPOS Support for sales, promotion, warehouse management and point of sale.
Multiple Language English plus another language as a standard feature. Choice of the user.
High Usability Easy to learn, efficent to use.easy to remember.
CBT and Pocket trainer Desktop or Pocket version training provide just in time training to sales staff.
It Just Works
Faster Single source of data entry. Reduce/remove duplicated task and data store.
Better Remove duplicated data error, human error. Good corporate image, better customer service.
Cheaper Reduce cost in error correction, more motivated staff
System update System can grow with your business to support complex operation need.
Smarter installation Stable software, ready to roll out in a short time.


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